Before "The Beginning"

Before the start of the adventure!

Aaron Domitar , who was a young noble of Nentir by birth, sought to reunite the lands as a peaceful enforcer of order, but eventually he was overcome by his own bloodlust. He summarily defeated all other claimants to the thrones around his own, but grew tired by the end of his reign. His kingdom was not divided to his children as was customary, but instead given wholly to his eldest child, Alfric Domitar, who now sits on the throne in the ancient city of Thingdol. The other sons of Aaron are spread amongst the peoples in fiefdoms, away from the eyes of their paranoid brother.

It is within these lands that our protagonists are under arrest for disturbing the peace of the small township of Alain’s Crossing. It is from here that their story, and their subsequent rise to fame, shall begin.



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