Adventure 2: A Death in Court

A murder most foul?


We were woken by a loud thud from behind the door. Frantic whispers were not making themselves very secretive. Lots of talk about someone dying when they shouldn’t have, and then they had the hide to question us when they open the door!
We bluffed them into being friendly, although they probably didn’t take kindly to our letting the guards follow them into the tunnels. Their problem now.
We have now entered the keep. We will attempt to overcome the royalty and then I will become the new ruler of this township. Or maybe the entire region! Or even the world! All right!

Richard left the room. This latest blow to his situation was almost too much. First the raids from both the ruffians on the town’s outskirts and the goblins from beneath the mountains, and then the continuous fighting with the town square… Now his father was dead, and he was to be hailed the new leader of the decaying fiefdom. Another burden to somehow bear for the people of the Nentir.
And yet he felt enlightened, as though something was leaving his presence. He couldn’t be sure, but he thought that perhaps his luck was looking to turn around soon. Maybe Archon had been answering his requests.
As he moved through the hallways of the keep, he came upon three individuals he had not encountered before. After talking to them, he realised they were possibly the trio who had started the fight the previous night. He knew they were dangerous, and yet they had made it this far into the castle without apparent incident… He might have a little job for them.


So we’re detectives? Confusing much? Suppose getting paid will help on my exile. I’ll be able to afford to get some nicer things, and maybe some better armour. New stuff is always good!



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