Adventure 1: Goblin Raid

The start of the adventure!

The dungeon was dank, but not empty, as Blane was expecting. When he exclaimed to his offsider, the reply was cut short by a blackened shaft missing his face by inches. Preparing for a fight, he suddenly realised that he hadn’t disarmed the prisoners, and thought that this might be a good turn of events. How wrong he was.
At first they just seemed indecisive, but he soon realised it was more incompetence that harassed them. Arrows and daggers missing the goblins, and swipes hitting nothing but air as the prisoners fumbled their way about the chambers. Finally, the initial goblin was exterminated by a chaotic flash of magic, and Blane thought he might just get through this fine. Again, he was wrong.
The next two goblins almost got the better of the male prisoner, who then dodged backwards to discover whether Leroy, the other guard, was a good shield. It turned out to be a good idea, until Leroy charged into the fray and was skewered on a goblin spear. So Blane moved forward, only to get caught in the young girl’s spell backfire.
Writhing about in pain, the goblins continued attacking , until one got distracted by the male hitting it with a dagger. As it moved past, Blane saw his chance. A quick thrust, and a parry, turning the blade of the last goblin away, he swiftly dispatched it with a strong sense of accomplishment.
Then he headed back up into the sunlight, completely ignoring the prisoners. He didn’t sign up for this kind of treatment. He was going straight to Fornix to tell him where to stick his guard duties.


Stupid guy had fallen through the trapdoor, and then we had to fish him out. So when we are ready to go down, what don’t we look for? The ladder back up. And then they cut my rope! That was my rope!
At least I got those two goblins down quickly. If it hadn’t been for me, we’d all be dead. The stupid humans aren’t the least bit helpful, especially when they get knocked out so early in a fight.
Admittedly, the rope trip wire was a stroke of genius, and worked extremely well, and I shouldn’t have really thrown the goblin into the loose rocks, seeing as it triggered a rockslide and I almost died in the process, but hey, it happens, right?
And now we’re resting outside another reinforced door, boosting our energy so we can tackle whatever might be on the other side. The whispers we heard earlier mentioned a Reginald and an Elizabeth, but I have no idea who they are, and frankly, I don’t care. I need to find out what is going wrong up river, so I can fix it and go home to help my people. If I have to drag these two through hell to do that, then so be it.
Protect me from all that endangers me, Mede. Help me to stay strong in dark days.



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